Are B2B marketers ready to lead?

In today’s digital-first marketplace, marketing-led growth is the primary go-to-market motion. Learn how B2B marketers are reimagining their purpose as they lead the growth agenda and build a next-gen hypergrowth revenue engine.

Coming May, 2024

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For B2B marketers, generating sustainable growth is harder than ever

Today, B2B marketers are in a state of transition and transformation. The emergence of a modern, digital-first buyer has elevated marketing as the only organization capable of delivering the data-driven experiences that B2B buyers demand. This challenge is compounded for B2B marketers at hypergrowth companies who must deliver breakneck growth.

This non-stop disruption has created tremendous ambiguity and anxiety for B2B marketers:

  • Where does marketing stop and sales take over in a digital buying journey? 
  • How can marketing deliver short-term pipeline and sustainable growth with profitability?  
  • What’s marketing’s scope? Top-of-the funnel or buyer journey or customer lifecycle? All of the above? 
  • How can marketing generate more opportunities with less budget and resources? Can AI help? 
  • How do marketers balance data-driven personalization and privacy?  

As they navigate these challenges, B2B marketers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take control of their destiny.

‘Some Assembly Required’ is a practical survival guide for B2B marketers at hypergrowth companies and fast-growing enterprises as they evolve from lead-gen tacticians to strategic digital growth architects. Sharing personal stories, expert interviews, and three decades of experience at startups and enterprises, Randy provides the instruction manual, tools, and much-needed inspiration to help marketers redefine their strategic purpose and confidently deliver sustainable growth. 

What’s in the book?

The next few years will be vital for every B2B marketer as they blaze a path to the future and drive the growth agenda. How marketers adapt to the following ambiguities and opportunities will demonstrate their ability to succeed.

Embrace the Growth Mandate

Marketers need a crystal clear scope of responsibility and empowerment to execute against an expanded growth mandate. For a digital-first buyer journey, where does marketing stop and sales take over? How should marketing-led growth be reconciled with sales-, product-, or partner-led growth?

Master GTM Fundamentals

For hypergrowth companies, fast growth and speed to market are prioritized at the expense of validating core GTM fundamentals. How should marketing teams ensure a deep understanding of the market opportunity and buyer needs without slowing short term growth?

Storytelling and Positioning

In a crowded and fast-moving digital-marketplace, everyone looks and sounds the same. Creating clear and concise product positioning is not enough and requires B2B marketers to tell a compelling and memorable story that drives action.

Generate Sustainable Growth

To attain key revenue milestones and next-stage funding, hypergrowth companies face conflicting objectives of short term gain versus sustainable and predictable growth. If not reconciled, these growth challenges are manifested later through high-churn rates.

Unlock Data’s Revenue Potential

Engaging complex buying groups with personalized experiences is a data-intensive exercise. With the loss of third-party cookies, marketers must fill this void with quality and actionable data to target in-market buyers while complying with data and privacy regulations.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Most B2B marketing teams are beginning 2024 with a flat budget. With high expectations to deliver growth across the entire buyer journey and customer lifecycle, how can marketers do more with less? How can the promise of AI automate the mundane while prioritizing the accounts with the greatest potential to convert?

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